Leggerissimi Small Square Centerpiece

Leggerissimi is a collection of trays and empty pockets characterized by the thinning of the perimeter thickness exaggerated to the limit, almost reaching the infinitesimal dimension of a line. But if the perimeter is strict, square or rectangle, the volume has a plastic sinuosity enhanced by the design of the section and the veins of natural oak, dramatized in the smoke finish. The Leggerissimi trays have an elegant stage presence both in single use and as a set, with which you can create compositions for the preparation of the table, coffe tables or worktops, in domestic environments, hotellerie and the office.

Length = 30.00; Width = 30.00; Height = 2.00 cm;
Weight: 2.00 kg;

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Price: £148.00

Shipping to: United Kingdom £17.00
Delivery 7-14 Days

Product Code: 7841

Baldessari E Baldessari, Atipico Designer

About Baldessari E Baldessari, Atipico Designer


Lighting, Decor and Tableware

Atipico were founded in 2012 by a team of forward thinking visionary world acclaimed Italian designers who have taken traditional home objects and pushed the boundaries of design to create functional pieces with unique Italian design. Atipico’s ethos is always to be different, unique & alternative while maintaining the aesthetic beauty of traditional Italian design. The Atipico collections show a blend of originality and unique materials, using a wide variety of woods, cement, iron, glass & textiles. Atipico’s family of Italian celebrated designers collaborate and  exchange their visions of design within each collection, to create new creations with a real unique Italian feel.This was designed and created by Baldessari e Baldessari.


Baldessari e Baldessari studio, founded by Giulio, Paolo and Michela Baldessari, is a professional association active in the fields of architecture, industrial, visual and interior design. It has several internal working groups and collaborates with a large network of outside consultants. It curates exhibitions in Italy and abroad. It develops research activities and it is engaged in contests and expositions. It has public and private designs underway in the residential housing, office building and industrial facilities, it is working on the restauration of historic and antique palaces and on projects of interior design in addiction to collaboration with design companies like Riva 1920, Pallucco, Adele c, cc-tapis, De Castelli,Atipico ,Twils, Starpool e Luce di Carrara. It received awards and mentions in the 1984 competition “Una sedia italiana per gli USA” in 1991 “Premio Alcan per l’uso dell’alluminio nell’ambiente costruito” and in the international contest Trau for the design of a workstation. In 2007 it won the first prize in “Concorso di nuove sperimentazioni di arredo esterno” Sun Rimini 2007. Award Pida 2013 – section concept hotel.