Baguette Murano Glass Pendant Light

The colourful Baguette Murano Glass Pendant Light, designed by Veronese, lights a room in a sophisticated, yet elegant way. The pendant is fully scalable with a steel frame adorned by striking Murano glass from Italy and will bring any dull room to life with vibrant ecstasy.

Length = 0.00; Width = 23.00; Height = 190.00 cm;
Weight: 0.00 kg;

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Price: £3,523.00

Shipping to: United Kingdom £36.00
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Murano Glass Lighting & Mirrors

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The French house Veronese, founded in 1931, directs the creation of lamps and mirrors made to measure by the master glassmakers of Murano. Its name is a tribute to the most famous painter of the Venice School and evokes the shape of a vase of the same name. Before specialising, Veronese offered a wide range of products. This extended range was soon reduced to a collection of chandeliers, sconces, table lamps and mirrors which were presented in the 1950s during the Salon de la lumière, the Salon d'automne, and the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs. Designed in collaboration with interior designers such as André Arbus, these pieces marked the blossoming of a style which combines the modernity of the lines with the finesse of the know-how glassmakers of Murano. Since then, Veronese has never stopped innovating designs that are all custom. Always hand-made in Murano, these models celebrate as much the brand's heritage as the creativity of its designers, often associated with internationally renowned designers and stylists like Tal Lancman and Maurizio Galante, Patrick Jouin, Chantal Thomass, Olivier Gagnère, Patrick Naggar, Laurence Brabant and Hilton McConnico, who all designed major pieces in this catalogue.


Veronese coordinates the talent of stylists, designers and interior designers with those of the artisans of the island of Murano. At the heart of its business, the creations are always related to the master glassmakers and the shapers of metal of Venetian descent. The production method of Veronese thus reflects the complexity of this traditional industry. To make its different models, each element is hand-blown and hand-crafted. The brand works with a dozen workshops dedicated to one or two techniques only. Overlooked by Veronese, they work from the design so that the final pieces assembled in Paris can associate processes as delicate as the filigree, the rigadin, the ballonton, the murrine, and the foliage.


From the simple suspension lights to the most majestic chandeliers, each piece produced by VERONESE is exclusive by the very nature of its manufacturer. This uniqueness is reinforced by a custom production principle, which allows adjusting in size, colours, and details. The Veronese design office is dedicated to adapt the designs and to create special orders, made according to the specifications given by interior designers or private individuals. Some of these custom-made models are subsequently added to the Maison's catalogue, such as the Rempart Pendant Lamp, originally designed for a restaurant in Lille. But most of them, made for palaces, mansions or hotels, will remain unique to their spectacular designs.