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Sax Leather Chair

The Sax Leather Chair by Esedra Design is extremely light and incredibly stylish. Its sculpted design creates an expensive feel guaranteed to make it a talking point with guests. There are several options in terms of the style of the supporting legs, and the frame can be made to match the shell, or it can be manufactured in the form of a brass-plated union cross or an elegant tubular brass support. While leather is the most popular upholstery material, other fabrics are available. Whatever you choose, this stunning piece of furniture will be a perfect choice to round off your luxurious Esedra Design dining table.

Length = 52.00; Width = 54.00; Height = 89.00 cm;
Weight: 0.00 kg;

Suites Luxury Leather - More Fabrics & Leather Available

Price: £604.00

Shipping to: United Kingdom £96.00
Delivery 4-6 Weeks

Product Code: Sax

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Esedra Design is based in Sienna Tuscany Italy and owned by the Bacci Family. Producers of Luxury furniture for generations, Esedra work primarily with Metal as a base and then incorporate luxury materials & finishes.  They look to create Furniture with simple lines, attention to details, and particular attention to potential expression of combinations that their design team create. Employing the best design talent in Italy people like;


Studio Batoni


Fabrizio Batoni graduated in architecture at the University of Florence, in 1997, together with Paola Caciorgna, established Studio Batoni, developing architectural plans, exhibitions staging, graphics and design. Currently, the studio, together with some external partners are directly cooperating with the Industrial Design Department of Florence, they are active in parallel projects with companies involved in interior design, lighting, bathroom furnishings and leather goods.


Cisotti- Laube


Biagio Cisotti an Architect lives and works in Florence where in 1990 he founded the MADE group. He is the art director of several companies and participates in numerous exhibitions. Sandra Laube was born in Frankfurt (Germany) and graduated at the ISIA of Florence in 1993. She works in the field of graphics exploring the world of digital communication. The two designers started their collaboration in 1992 and their products are exhibited in various international museums.


Leonardo Rossano- Michelle Ashcraft


The seating collection “Sparta” is the collaboration between Leonardo Rossano and a young American designer Michelle Ashcraft. Simple yet elegant, with a clear structure and fine details. Sparta is cut from a simple sheet of plywood then assembled by skilled craftsmen. Sparta is a seating system with a contemporary design, in which harmony of proportions and comfort characterize a versatile product suitable for public and private spaces.


Esedra philosophy is amazing design, flexibility & attention to detail, led by a young and enterprising team, year after year they bring new and exciting products to the Interior Design arena