Arca Marquinia Centerpiece

A graceful ark, solid at the same time, majestic at the center of the table, the veining of the most precious marble as a monument to the little things that make life beautiful. A fruit, bread, the most expensive objects. Here is the container in marble for everyday living: an object-sculpture that inherits archetypal forms of the classical world, so dear to the masters of design (Enzo Mari in particular). The great sculptors knew that every piece of marble is extracted from the heart of the earth with its own veining. Thus, this centerpiece, glove box, fruit bowl, has a grain, reflections and colors that are always different that make each piece unique.

Length = 40.00; Width = 22.00; Height = 4.00 cm;
Weight: 3.00 kg;

Atipico Italia MarbleOptions

Price: £696.00

Shipping to: United Kingdom £78.00
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Carlo Trevisani, Atipico Designer

About Carlo Trevisani, Atipico Designer


Decor and Tableware

Atipico were founded in 2012 by a team of forward thinking visionary world acclaimed Italian designers who have taken traditional home objects and pushed the boundaries of design to create functional pieces with unique Italian design. Atipico’s ethos is always to be different, unique & alternative while maintaining the aesthetic beauty of traditional Italian design. The Atipico collections show a blend of originality and unique materials, using a wide variety of woods, cement, iron, glass & textiles. Atipico’s family of Italian celebrated designers collaborate and  exchange their visions of design within each collection, to create new creations with a real unique Italian feel.This was designed and created by Carlo Trevisani.


After graduating at ISIA (Higher Institute for Artistic Industries) of Faenza with a thesis about the experimental use of paraffin waxes in lighting technology, starting from 2000 he collaborated with the designers Paolo Zani, Stefano Gallizioli and Matteo Thun in their design studios based in Milan. Since 2008 he works as an independent designer. He is constantly interested in deepening the meaning of interaction between human beings and objects and the affective and emotional relationship that develops between them.