Smoked Oak And Horn Console Table

Intriguing and elegant in its design, this semi-elliptical console table could be used successfully to take centre stage. Of course, it is the semi-elliptical shape of both the smoked oak top and burnished brass base that make it a console rather than a dining table. Since it features the same fabulous matte horn and satin bronze and brass inlay, it works particularly well with the Arcahorn oval table that boasts the same materials specified by Italian designer Filippo Dini.

Length = 50.00; Width = 180.00; Height = 80.00 cm;
Weight: 0.00 kg;

Price: £16,582.00

Shipping to: United Kingdom £150.00
Delivery 6-8 Weeks

Product Code: Mod6011


About Arcahorn

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Mario Guerra founded Arcahorn in 1958, he was a  true craftsman and artisan, he began working and crafting buffalo horn in a small workshop in Italy. Mario had a  desire and love of beautiful materials and objects, he created distinctive luxury products in his small Italian workshop, he passed his knowledge to the new generation of the Guerra family, so today they have inherited the same passion as their father, to continue the history and tradition of producing luxury pieces in Italy. Arcahorn’s main symbol and signature material is buffalo horn,  a biological material which is pleasing to both the touch and to the eye, this natural product comes in a vast array of shades and colours this ensures that no two pieces of the Arcahorn luxury collection are the same. The artisans at Arcahorn have passed their skills down from generation to generation, the delicate process of heating the horn to make it malleable and ready to be moulded to incorporate in furniture, lighting and decorative pieces. The artisan's meticulous attention to detail ensures the collections are of unsurpassed quality.


Buffalo horn can be shaped and then each piece can be seamlessly fused with the finest materials like Macassar ebony wood, Tuscan full grain leathers, and 24k gold double plated brass.  Arcahorn furniture presents pure luxury, it is exclusive, distinctive and the highest quality. Arcahorn uses a neutral colour palette and polished surfaces which they incorporate in both contemporary and traditional design. Arcahorn pieces can be found in some of the world’s most exclusive interiors, including private homes, yachts, and hotels