Why Sell Art on Maison Bianco?

At Maison Bianco we offer both the professional and the aficionado the opportunity to purchase new luxury furniture, lighting and decorative objects from of some of Italy’s finest brands. We also offer a platform for artists to showcase and sell their art and antique dealers to sell their pieces to our customers world-wide.

What % Does The Artist Receive?

What Does The Artist Receive?

You set the price and you will receive between 70-90% of the achieved sale price before VAT. From time to time we offer promotional discount codes; the discount will be deducted from the price of the artwork and the commission split will then be calculated. We only offer discount codes at certain times of the year. With Maison Bianco’s low commission, between 10-30%, even when we offer a discount code you will still receive a substantial sum compared to other galleries.

Who Buys your Art & How it’s Delivered

ho Buys your Art And How it’s Delivered

We are working with professionals like architects, interior designers & property developers worldwide, as well collectors & aficionados of amazing, creative art. Once a piece of your artwork has been sold, you will receive an electronic official order. You will need to securely package the piece of art, and then schedule a date and time for our logistics company to collect the piece of artwork. We’ll also supply you with any shipping documents and labels you may need.

How do I begin to Sell on Maison Bianco?

How do I begin to Sell on Maison Bianco

You will first need to fill out the application form. Once you received approval to submit artwork for sale you will need to; 1) You need to submit a final artists Bio & a Photo 2) JPGs of any piece of artwork you want to sell 3) Title, description, size of the piece of artwork 4) Selling price, you set the price and you will receive 70%-90% of the achieved sale price before VAT.

We Do All The Work

We Do All The Work

All you need to do is email us the images , medium, orientation, style, subject & Size and we wll do the rest, we will fully optomize your art.

Loyalty Rewards Programme

Loyalty Rewards Programme

As we value our clients, we offer all of them professionals or aficionado’s loyalty points to redeem against luxury experiences


Immediate payment for pieces sold; payments are automatically transferred to your dashboard so you can see them, they are released to your account after 7 days. All sales are made on a secure platform with a fraud and protection programme which means you can sell with piece of mind with safe online transactions

Our Commitment

Beautiful objects are the creation of imagination, imagination is the gift given to creative people. Our creative team and curators have put together a collection of art, antiques, Furniture, Lighting and decorative pieces that are the imagination and the creations of people past and present. Our collection will grow and change to bring unique and luxury handcrafted art, furniture & lifestyle objects to aficionados, Interior Designers and Professionals worldwide.

In the words of Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) Poet: We have a simple taste, only the best…. We hope you enjoy it