Founded in Florence in 1948, Le Porcellane was the brainchild of Mario Sernesi. Situated in one of Italy’s great centres of art, Le Porcellane had at its disposal the most talented craftsmen. Sernesi opted to use the finest porcelain and slow bake it to a fine, white finish with which the brand has become synonymous. Slow baking the clay at 1330 degrees also makes for a durable finish. Each work of art from the kilns of Le Porcellane is an individual masterpiece with no comparison. Unlike machine manufactured components each handmade piece is unique.

Fine Artistry

Each is signed by the artisan who made it. 24-carat gold and platinum are woven into the pieces. Many are intricately decorative and some have fine artistry painted under the beautifully glazed exteriors. Though they specialise in lights and lamps, Le Porcellane also makes matchless ornaments and tableware. Their pieces are found in some of the finest homes and luxury hotels around the world.

In the Family for Seventy Years

The business remains in the family, and it employs artists and craftsmen that have passed their craft down the generations. The company has, however, kept abreast of the changing styles and tastes of households to develop a more modern look, changing patterns and shapes to better suit the modern home, but retaining the individuality and luxury finishes with which they started.  After seventy years in the business, Le Porcellane has developed a following among those that appreciate fine living and splendid artistry.