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Cube Mirrored Side Table

The Cube Mirrored Side Table is handmade in Italy by the designers at Spini Interni. This elegant contemporary cube side table is a practical, yet opulent side table perfect for an eloquent design of any bedroom it is placed in.

Length = 51.00; Width = 51.00; Height = 51.00 cm;
Weight: 15.00 kg;

Price: £977.00

Shipping to: United Kingdom £60.00
Delivery 3-6 Weeks

Product Code: 21604

Spini Interni

About Spini Interni

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The Spini wood carving business was founded by Ernesto Spini in the 1930’s. His studio was in Via del Campuccio, Ernesto Spini was one of the founding companies of the modern day Florentine craftmanship. Initially a sculptor, Ernesto Spini later became skilled at frame carving,  first selling his creations in Tuscany, then in Italy and, later, overseas.


In the 60’s the second generation entered the business, Sergio Spini and Elena Spini, their input made the business enjoy a strong growth, which continues today. Their design team was always creating new collections; The distinctive difference between Spini design and production is that every collection enjoys both contemporary and classical furniture.


During the 80’s Luca and Barbara Spini, the third generation entered the established design and production house, and they kept true to the roots bit with their input and created collections where the classical style lives again in a modern, ethical and minimalist shape. New pieces of furniture, such as chairs, sofas, and headboards, are added to the collections.


The business strengthens its commercial power and its following for amazing products both in Italy and abroad. Today, Spini collections are exhibited in the most important international design fairs and are distributed by the best interior design shops.


The knowledge has passed from artisan to artisan from generation to generation, today's experienced craftsman work in the factory in Florence and create some of the world’s true Tuscan masterpieces.