Max Divani

Autografo Leather Sofa

Autografo is handmade in Italy, this carefully modernised & creative version of the classic Chesterfield sofa that has new features which are its trademark of being made in Italy. This three-seater Autografo sofa is no ordinary sofa produced using a sturdy solid wood frame and supple body made of Memory Foam and goose down are then covered in the finest Italian leather. This luxury sofa produced by the old established Max Divani Company of Bari Italy, will make every moment seated and luxury comfortable experience. The Autografo collection includes a matching Armchair, 2 seaters, 3 seater Sofas and 2 amazing Ottomans. Select options for prices. All available in various colour options and leather qualities.

Length = 295.00; Width = 102.00; Height = 65.00 cm;
Weight: 72.00 kg;

Price: £5,211.00

Shipping to: United Kingdom £300.00
Delivery 4-6 Weeks

Product Code: AUTOGRAFO304

Max Divani

About Max Divani

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The company Max Divani has a solid base and name built on its 60 year experience. Its history began over half a century ago in Altamura, Italy. Thanks to passion and craftsmanship of the founders and the workers, they made Altamura into thriving area for some of the world’s finest luxury leather sofas. It was here in 1956 that the founder, Rocco Ferri, began Max Divani, a company that from the beginning produced only high quality luxury chairs and sofas.


The company has increased its production as demand for its luxury products has grown. Rocco The founder of the company has educated future family generations who have taken MaxDivani from being a successful in Italian brand, to an international brand.


The in house team of designers, craftsman, and planners who worked enthusiastically over the decades have ensured that the quality and luxury have always been maintained as the brand and company have grown to an international brand..


Max Divina’s products are often shown in Elle Décor, Living, Dcasa and many more publications.