Acrocoro Bench

A bench. A stool. A shelf. A console. The Acrocoro (pronounced Acroc

Length = 105.00; Width = 34.00; Height = 46.00 cm;
Weight: 12.00 kg;

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Price: £394.00

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Faberhama, Atipico Designer

About Faberhama, Atipico Designer


Furniture and Decor

Atipico were founded in 2012 by a team of forward thinking visionary world acclaimed Italian designers who have taken traditional home objects and pushed the boundaries of design to create functional pieces with unique Italian design. Atipico’s ethos is always to be different, unique & alternative while maintaining the aesthetic beauty of traditional Italian design. The Atipico collections show a blend of originality and unique materials, using a wide variety of woods, cement, iron, glass & textiles. Atipico’s family of Italian celebrated designers collaborate and  exchange their visions of design within each collection, to create new creations with a real unique Italian feel.This was designed and created by Faberhama.


Faberhama represents the enriching and intense collaboration between Paola Amabile (1985) and Alberto Fabbian (1981), Italian designers based in Amsterdam,The Netherlands. They share their interest in creating projects as containers of knowledge through a continuous dialogue with different identities holding human, cultural and territorial values. They identify their role as responsible explorers by investigating new connections among actors, processes and knowledges, between tradition and innovation.Their purpose is to create positive impacts by transferring contents that can be shared in several forms,whether they be objects,situations or food for thought.