Le Porcellane

Capodimonte Wall Light With Shade

The Capodimonte Wall Light with Shade by Le Porcellane is the epitome of elegance and sophistication with its successful marriage of the old world charm with new age design techniques. This show stopping piece is a timeless centrepiece for any home, hotel, lounge or interior living space that it is placed in.

Length = 0.00; Width = 53.00; Height = 36.00 cm;
Weight: 0.00 kg;

Price: £1,129.00

Shipping to: United Kingdom £48.00
Delivery 7 Weeks

Product Code: LP2014/3/N

Le Porcellane

About Le Porcellane

Year established



Luxury Porcelain Lighting & Decorative Objects

Mario Sernesi, a man of great insights founded the artistic brand Le Porcellane in 1948 in Florence, a city already steeped in tradition and passion for the luxury porcelain material.



From the beginning, the company was able to employ amazing artisans, as they were based in Florence Tuscany where art and creation is part of the Tuscan culture. The brand chose only to use the finest porcelain that cooks to “Gran Foco” according to ancient traditions to 1330 °, and from this arises the depth and purity of white that makes the brand its “atout”. “Gran Foco” means that the porcelain is manually cooked slowly at 1330°. These amazing objects are enhanced by fine raw materials and traditional craftsmanship: each mark, fold, and the line is entirely unique, revealing an artistic hand with its careful and generous irregular lines not to be found in standard production.



The use of 24-carat gold and platinum and the signature of the artisan on each piece makes each object unique and unrepeatable. The passing of the skills and know-how from generation to generation keep the secret of its superior quality products: Established in 1948 by Mario Sernesi, in the artisan ceramics district of Sesto Fiorentino, near Florence, Le Porcellane was founded by a far-sighted man who built up a successful business over the years, basing his progress on the values of tradition and quality. The handing over of the helm to his daughter Felicita Sernesi since 1979 and his nephew Giacomo Lucibello since 2004 represents how the transfer of knowledge in the artisan company will be kept within the family. Giacomo has grown and developed within the company, both as a man and a professional, and it is with the passion and skill that he has inherited that he sets out on a journey which starts from the past and looks to the future.


Today Le Porcellane objects are seen in the finest homes & hotels around the world.