Blueside Perugia

Genio Set of 6 Whisky Glass

A hand blown glass for spirits, unique in its kind. Made with a double chamber: one for pouring the drink, and one for sipping it after having appreciated its aroma. The innovative design allows the spirit to flow gently into the

Length = 0.00; Width = 0.00; Height = 5.00 cm;
Weight: 0.00 kg;

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Product Code: BSDN064020

Leonardo Borra, Blueside Designer

About Leonardo Borra, Blueside Designer

Year established




The Blueside Project originated with Roberto Falocci's passion and initiative.

Steroglass can boast unique unparalleled skilled hands able to finely process and shape glass and whose
great craftmanship guarantees excellence, thus deserving a key role beyond conventional technical sectors.

All this combined with love for design, music and cuisine, in 2009 resulted in a diversified production and commercial project dedicated to design complements to dining,living and jewel world, which take inspiration from blues and jazz as well as conveying the emotions that inspires a musician on stage and the audience in an atmospheric performance.

Blueside is all this: music shaped into objects you can touch and use, pure emotions close by. This was designed and created by Leonardo Borra.    

Born in Perugia in 1976, he graduated in Geometra and after in Architecture; passionate about the places where people live and attracted by the project path where form follows function, seeks in every expression empathic ties that unite the final aspect to the common spirit of the present time. Currently engaged in an architectural firm, he also works in the design of design objects.