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Charlies Whisky And Ice Glass Set

An exclusive pair of ultra flat glasses in borosilicate glass; one for whisky, and the other for ice, set on a white Corian tablet with two recesses for holding the glasses. The best way to enjoy whisky on the rocks. Creative gourmets will also find Charlies very useful for presenting foods in pairs, such as puree of shrimp and legumes with clam saute; or simply creamed cod on one side and rustic tomato soup on the other, or even vegetable crudites with citronette dressing to dip them in. Dimensions: tablet lxpxh 246,5x144x6mm, whisky glass 80x50mm, ice glass 80x40mm

Length = 0.00; Width = 0.00; Height = 50.00 cm;
Weight: 0.00 kg;

Price: £100.00

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